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An independent recording featuring the music of Rick Couture and the award winning track I'm Dying.
The combination of the Amen Alibi guitar players make up ten full band tracks along with five additional unplugged style tracks. The first track "The Start" is co-written by Johnny Sousa, who also plays harp and base guitar on the "Free The Kids" track.

This debut album is a musical roller coaster ride through the rise and fall of a man who pleas to the world for peace on earth, the end of our children's suffering and the love and understanding of  humanity we all need so desperately in our lives.

Leap of Faith

No Defence

The Start


Free the Kids


Live As One

Nowhere Land

After the Aftermath

New Life


Volcano Heat

Once Inside A Dream

Natural Born Man


Live As One


Natural Born Man

Walking on Air

Once Inside A Dream

Wanna Meet Girls

Down & Out

Trouble (live)

A compilation of 19 songs, (previously unreleased) written by Rick Couture. Recorded and co-produced with friends (who make up the recording entity Amen Alibi) over the past 25 years. (live, solo, and studio recordings)

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Amber's Light


Amen Alibi's 2014 release,"Addicted", has picked up four songwriting awards within two weeks of it's release, including "Best Alternative Song" with "Go Some More".

 "Break Down And Cry" and "Blame It On the Moon" also winners, debuted on the Digital Radio Tracker rock chart at 17 and 30, and is still going strong.

The album has won 2 more "Best Song" Awards including the title track, "Best Alternative Blues Rock". 

Amen Alibi takes on a new signiture sound with the raw ripping harp sounds from Amen Alibi alumni, 

 Johnny Sousa.  Johnny also adds writing credits with the closing track D.R.U.M.S., and a co-written track, "Another String". 

Go Some More



Joined Together

White Crosses

(the Souls of the road)

Blame It On The Moon

Another String

Hey Man

The Fallen Angels'


Go Some More

(radio version)

Walking On Air


Break Down And Cry

Back to the Closet

I'm Dying








Ravaka Records

Ravaka Records

Ravaka Records


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