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Akademia Music Award Winner:

Best Song Artist: Amen Alibi

Song: Addicted

'Addicted' is a high-energy rock cut Les Claypool would be proud of, augmented by a screamin' harmonica solo and flawlessly synchronized musicianship.'



"Alternative Rock",  April and October 2014

Akademia Music Award Winner:

Best Song Artist: Amen Alibi

Song: Break Down And Cry


"There is a vibrant and visceral feel to this uptempo alternative rock song and the lyrics succeed in raising that emotional tension to a feverish pitch."



"Americana Rock"- April 2014

Akademia Music Awards Winner:

Best Song Artist: Amen Alibi

Song: Hey Man


"Spare but poignant lyrics give this guitar-driven narrative an infectious folk quality, and the percussive ending reveals a healthy knack for experimentation."



"Country Rock"- April 2014

Akademia Music Awards Winner:

Best Song Artist: Amen Alibi

Song: Blame It On The Moon


"There is a sublime quality to the way Amen Alibi blends poetry and haunting instrumentation to create this memorable country anthem."




Akademia Music Awards Winner:

Best Song Artist: Amen Alibi

Song: Go Some More


'A pulsing acoustic guitar riff, intriguing folk instrumentation and exceptional lyrics propel this song from its understated beginnings to a climactic finish".



" Your video: I'm Dying Video has been given an award. Song Award Bronze Awarded for a well written original song.  - Beat100, Song Award Bronze (Mar 08, 2013)



Amen Alibi could well be time travellers, bringing their instruments with them from forty years ago to make use of the modern recording technology that is now so readily available.

Their latest release, Addicted, brings together a whole host of influences and ideas from the classic prog/psych rock era, and delivers it with a sense of passion and gusto.


‘Break Down And Cry’ features perky guitars that scatter over insistent drums, with vocals that sit right up at the front. While the track lacks killer instinct, the layers of instrumentation are well intentioned and the lyrics offer intriguing abstract ideas, “You’re a virtual nightmare”. The track builds in an interesting way, opening with highly electronic sounding drums that give way to a more organic, analog sound.

‘Go Some More’ splashes its chorus laden guitars all over the place, with a grumbling bass line that leads the way forward for the track. The double tracked vocals nod heavily to classic era rock, and as the track progresses some imaginative sounds begin to appear – notably the synthy riff that features in the mid point and the almost sitar like sounds that squeal along after the evocative vocal yelp.

By Chris Marsh



"Go Some More is a timeless track that allows listeners of a wide swath to find something that they can appreciate. The driving arrangement provides additional depth through a bouncing, driven set of vocals. These vocals continue in a cohesive fashion with Mirrors, even as the overall musicianship takes a decidedly sunny and guitar-driven style. The track allows Amen Alibi to expand their palette, as the inclusion of a harmonica further bolsters the energy of the album early on. Joined Together has a funkier approach, linking together swamp rock, alternative rock (B-52s), with a good amount of Robert Palmer / Huey Lewis and the News influence. The later tracks on Addicted are similarly strong, with the mid—point (Blame It on the Moon and Break Down and Cry) giving listeners the kick that they need to stick with the rest of the title.

Another String has a They Might Be Giants meets R.E.M. feel that has just enough edge to maintain relevancy in the current day, while Hey Man slows things down slightly to allow the act to provide the finesse and narrative intricacies that will stick with listeners long after the album has ceased. Addicted ends with a few extra tracks – a radio edit of Go Some More and an instrumental, D.R.U.M.S.. With the pop and the instrumental side of things stoked, Amen Alibi have ensured that listeners will be absolutely unsure about what is to follow. Addicted shows that the band is taut as a drum, and can hit a variety of different styles while keeping things cogent."  James McQuiston, NuFutur Magazine, April 2014



"Amen Alibi puts together music for a great reason and it’s good too. “Blame It On The Moon” is an endearing song that has you thinking about life and lessons. The celestial ways have that effect. “Go Some More” is a more upbeat song that sounds like the ’70s only because it could’ve been played somewhere in shows like Taxi. “Break Down and Cry” is good advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed who just need to let it all out. It’s also a good song, may be the best Amen Alibi has to offer. It’s fun, fast and for anyone looking to liven things up. “Free The Kids” isn’t so much about the music, but about the cause. Don’t forget that half of all Amen Alibi sales go to the “Amen Alibi Free the Kids Foundation.” If that’s not reason enough, than what is? Oh yeah, the light alternative ways of Amen Alibi".  Indie Music Reviews 2014 


"The guitar in the beginning sounds very 70's retro, in which I enjoy very much. When the guitar came in I automatically started to like the song even more. His vocals are amazing and I love listening to his soothing voice. The guitar keeps sticking out from the song making the instrumental background even that more awesome."



"I like the tempo of the intro as it changes from slow to a faster melody. The vocals enter in nicely and flow alongside the beat and rhythm of the song. The lyrics of the song are meaningful and the vocal tone of the singer is consistent throughout as he doesn't increase or decrease in vocal quality. The instrumental arrangement is interesting as there sounds like there is a range of instruments playing in sync which creates an extremely relaxing song, the guitar solo compliments this further. There doesn't seem to be any digital effects in this song which makes me believe they're not amateurs."


"song sounds very up beat and quick. has a very creative and enjoyable melody with the choice of instruments and the order they are played in. really makes you just want to tap your feet. not a bad song. great melody and confident vocals make this track a hit."



"The guitar sound very natural and a smooth beat. The guitar riff are really good. His vocal are strong and they sound like the Beatles/ osais style of music. I like the structure of the song because it has a clear beginning, middle and end. The style of singing is very different to other so they would recognizable. I think this song could be a hit because is fits into the rock style. I like the indie style of music. I love the song. The rhythm of the song is very good. The vocalist sings in tune. The speed of the song fits well with the style of music. I would buy this music."


"The guitar chords are epic and cool. It actually gives a somewhat summery feel. The fast pace and rhythm of the song make it fun and active and gives it an epic and awesome feel. The singers voice is cool and suits the tone of the song. The lyrics are well-done through out the entire song. The melody is repetitive but intriguing."



"Awesome. great tune to the song drummer and everything, the lyrics are great to listen to, i recommend this song to my friends and i would buy this song and listen to it all the time. the length of the song tho is a bit long but that makes the song much better 10/10"


"wow this song is so epic. i love the guitar solo in the beginning of the instrumental. the vocals are cool too, the lyrics are awesome. its a great little rock song that i can jam to while doing something. it reminds me of the epic guitar guy on youtube but hey that's cool too, you know? Know what else is cool? This has a classic yet grunge rock feeling to it. i like that. its really cool and i think that the song will be a great hit on the radio and would be awesome to hear live in a concert."









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